A vase of flowers, a bowl of fruit, an isolated house set in a wild landscape, Jessica’s paintings never fail to engage with the onlooker. From an early age she knew exactly what she wanted to be, an artist. Our house was full of her notebooks, drawings and paintings and over the years I have watched her journey from kitchen pin-board to gallery wall. Her deceptively simple images hang in the mind’s eye, touching a core in her audience like a refrain of music or a line of poetry, tapping into our own memories and experiences in an uncanny way; not just those of ‘great moment’ but of the little delights of everyday life. Her work is imbued with a significance that answers to both our aesthetic and emotional needs.

carol cooper
excerpt from the catalogue foreword : because i love to paint

The structures that Cooper puts in place allow her to practise painting and drawing without having to ask the reasons why. Within the confines of her self- imposed restrictions for any given piece she has a purposeful objective laid out like a path to lead the way. Cooper’s paintings do not pose questions but are each day’s answer to them : stating observations, making possible propositions and resolving the unrelenting riddles inherent in formal conventions of painting. She gets enough information back from her approach to keep moving forward down her chosen path. Tomorrow’s riddles and tomorrow’s resolutions may look strikingly similar to todays or even yesterdays, but that does not mean that the terrain remains the same from one moment to the next.

dr ryya bread
excerpt from the catalogue foreword : an open book